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10 Benefits of Table Tennis

1.  It helps you loose weight due to the fast pace and competitiveness.

2. Improves your balance because you have to change direction while having to stand on the ground in a balanced way.

3. It helps socially because you have to play with someone in order to play. This interaction will strengthen your ability to communicate and make friends. It also helps with confidence.

4. It is a low injury sport because the ball is made of plastic. Also, the focus with table tennis is with the ball, not your foot, wrestling.

5. Helps the brain a lot, first it simulates various different parts of the brain and helps the flow of blood to brain. The flow increases by the awareness that is required to play it.

6. It improves eye sight due to the fast paced  and quick thinking required to play the sport

7. Helps reduce stress.

8. Increases motivation.

9. Helps reduce  the chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

10. Improves grip strength.


Table Tennis, Top Fifteen Best Countries

Ranking Country Flag
1 China 1 1
2 Japan 3 2
3 Germany 2 7
4 South Korea 5 3
5 Taiwan 4 6
6 Hong Kong 7 5
7 Russia 8 14
8 Singapore 13 4
9 Croatia 9 20
10 Portugal 6 47
11 France 12 17
12 Czech Rep. 15 11
13 Sweden 11 30
14 Belarus 15 16
15 Austria 10 43

Winner of European Championship in Slovenia

Paul Karabardak and his team has won their first major gold medal after beating Croatia in the final. The match began to a rough start with 2 sets down but they quickly got 2 sets up.  They then got 3-0 in the fifth and then they rallied to 11-7 against Croatia giving their team the win. The Croatia team consisted of good players, Pavao Jozic and Vjekoslav Gregorovic, but the team managed to beat them. The team consisted of Paul Karabardak  Martin Perry and David Wetherill.



Table Tennis Results

 Men: European Championships quarter finals finished with Boll T (from Germany), Dyjas j.(from Poland), Gauzy s. (from France) and Lebesson E. (France) winning. Boll T vs Olah B. resulted in 4-2, Dyjas J. vs Kou L.  resulted in 4:1, Gauzy s vs Gardos R. resulted in 4:2 and Lebesson E. vs Freitas M. resulted in 4:2. 


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