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This is a exciting game for Arsenal and Spurs with Arsenal needing to close the gap on Spurs because if they come above them again there will be upsets, Arsenal are raging with the fact they had made a profit in the window when City and United were spending the cash. the Gunners have the largest rivalry in the world with the Gunners needing a win and Spurs trying to challenge for the prem. super Jack has to start if he is to have  Arsenal career. Left or I am afraid he is gone .Toby Adevireld is injured which is a huge relief for Arsenal with Giroud injured and Wenger has to start with Lacazette and I personally would start with Ozil and Sanchez with him, but i can see why Wegner will not because Sanchez has his attitude. Xhacka will be benched with Iwobi on the bench or playing instead of Sanchez. It would be a good game!

-score prediction 2-1 to Arsenal!

England vs Germany preview

England are in shambolic shape spurs players. They are backing out of every thing they just do not want to get injured, for Arsenal vs Spurs. Harry Kane should be playing because he has been in a couple games before Alli has a good reason because he didn’t play the last game. Winks has turned it down so has Drinkwater with the others injuries. Sterling should be playing and just does not play at all! It used to be an honour to play play for England! Friendly or not! The predicted line up for England I would love to see is Jack Butland in goal because he can save a side. He pulls saves out of the world, he is probably the goal keeper version of Mbappe. Cahill at the back with Stones who can be shaky at times with an unfamiliar Ryan Shaw-Cross. I would love to see super Jack back in the team. He is a class midfielder with Barkley and Ox who should not be in the squad with them taking injuries. That is what they would have to do whilst  putting Jamie up front.

I think this will be a tough game for both teams. It would be great if England beats the defending champions!

England 0:0 Germany

Premier league results

Spurs 4:1 Liverpool
Arsenal 5:2 Everton
Southampton 1:0 West Brom
Huddersfield 2:1 Man Utd
Man city 3:0 Burnley
Newcastle 1:0 Crystal Palace
Bournemouth 2:1 Stoke
Leicester 2:1 Swansea
Chelsea 4:2 Watford

Chelsea wins a thrilling come back!

Chelsea wins a thrilling come back against Watford.

The match started with Pedro’s wonderful goal to the left top corner of the goal. Once Watford made it 2:1 to them with Abdoulaye Doucouré and Roberto Pereyra’s goal but, Michy Batshuayi and César Azpilicueta’s scoring before the whistle, they lost their lead. At additional time, Michy Batshuayi scored again and made it 4:2 to Chelsea.

Chelsea 4:2 Watford

Pedro, Chelsea (12′)

Abdoulaye Doucouré, Watford(45+2′)

Roberto Pereyra, Watford(49′)

Michy Batshuayi, Chelsea(71’+90+5′)

César Azpilicueta, Chelsea(87′)




Leicester V Swansea

Leicester is having a terrible start of the season this year. it seems like they turned into a fox without its teeth from one which has one. They have lost their football from 2 years ago. I think the key player in Leicester is Shinji Okazaki because just not only he scored 4 goals this season but the percentage of winning a match when Okazaki and Vardy playing together is higher than any other  players. On the other hand Swansea seems like they had a ok start of the season.  If  Swansea win this match, their would be a chance for them to have a ticket to the European Cup, even the Champions League might come to them. In any direction how you see the match, it would be a fantastic match for both of the teams.


Leicester 1:0 Swansea

Arsenal V Everton Preview

Everton has only 2 wins this season and it seems that they are not playing well recently. Arsenal is having a tough season but,  Arsenal has a lot of wins recently.  For both teams, its going to be a tough match where both of the teams can not lose. Will the blues win and get some hope for the rest of the season, or are the Red’s going to get closer to Chelsea, it is going to be an exciting match. 


Arsenal 2:1 Everton


Tottenham gets their first victory at Wembley

Tottenham grabs the victory with Christian Eriksen strike. It all happened  in  the 2nd half. Only 2 minutes after the 2nd half began, Eriksen striked the ball in to the goal with his magical left foot.  Although they had more fouls than Bournemouth, they had the ball possession for literally the whole time.

Tottenham 1:0 Bounmouth

Eriksen, Tottenham(47)

Arsenal v Watford prediction

Arsenal v  Watford kick off 5.30 pm 14th of  October 2017. This is an exiting game for Arsenal. They just came back from the international break. I do not know they could just make it shorter, nobody cares about the world cup qualifies  do they? Arsenal are playing quite well, but not in the first couple of games this season, with draws and loses. But now we are playing football. The most likely team, with Cech 33 in goal How is a great keeper, but is just getting older, Koscielny 6, and Monreal 18  who are so under rated but they are great defenders, Mertersacker 3 is going to retire at the end of the season and Bellerin who will show how fast he really is getting forward, Ramsey 8 who just needs to do what he did against Chelsea but must get back, Xhaka 29 who can ping the best ball forward for any one to attack and always has that rocket shot, sead Kolasinac 31 is a rock nothing will get past him Wilshere says he would hate to play against him. Iwobi 17 is getting better each game and will always put the effort in. Beside him will be Sanchez and personally I am a big fan of his, and I love his work but he will go to city in January. Up top Laccazette 9 is really on form, and if I were a betting man I would put my money on him to score twice. At least he is scoring goals for fun. Arsenal are playing a 3 4 2 1 with probable subs to come on  for Giroud or  Welbeck and hope fully Wishere. score 3-0 Arsenal. Image result for Arsenal v watford      

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