Lewis Hamilton is still top of the F1 driver standings at 333 points, with his opposing drivers have caught up with him. Second in the driver standings is surprisingly Sebastian Vettel and  in third is Hamilton’s teammate, Valtteri Bottas. Sadly, in Last weeks race, the Mexican Grand Prix, Hamilton managed to find himself low down the ranks but Bottas was second. Hamilton finished in 9th place. However next week in the Brazilian Grand Prix, Hamilton has a very high chance of winning the Prix as of last years result and time. Last year Hamilton completed the race in only 3:01:01.335 in first place, and in second was Nico Rosberg who finished 11.455s behind him. This shows that next week on the Brazilian Grand Prix Mercedes have a good race as they obtained 2nd and 1st last year and will do it again by the look of things and Hamilton will secure his title and win the 2017 Grand Prix, and be in first place of the 2017 driver standings in first place with hopefully if Bottas can overtake Vettel he overtake and come second.

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