England vs Germany preview

England are in shambolic shape spurs players. They are backing out of every thing they just do not want to get injured, for Arsenal vs Spurs. Harry Kane should be playing because he has been in a couple games before Alli has a good reason because he didn’t play the last game. Winks has turned it down so has Drinkwater with the others injuries. Sterling should be playing and just does not play at all! It used to be an honour to play play for England! Friendly or not! The predicted line up for England I would love to see is Jack Butland in goal because he can save a side. He pulls saves out of the world, he is probably the goal keeper version of Mbappe. Cahill at the back with Stones who can be shaky at times with an unfamiliar Ryan Shaw-Cross. I would love to see super Jack back in the team. He is a class midfielder with Barkley and Ox who should not be in the squad with them taking injuries. That is what they would have to do whilst¬† putting Jamie up front.

I think this will be a tough game for both teams. It would be great if England beats the defending champions!

England 0:0 Germany

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  1. I like this post a lot. Maybe you should do predictions on the champions league.

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